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As you might already know Harendra Das Photography is a professional wedding photography venture based in Mumbai, basically its a team of best photographers, top cinematographers and creative filmmakers from Mumbai, with an industry experience of over 6 years, who have attained proficiency in capturing the perfect moments. They believe that bonds are beautiful and it is more beautiful to capture them in real-life settings. Bonds are more celebrated at weddings. To capture this celebration in the autocracy of beauty is the aim of Harendra Das Photography. 

We are well focused on Quality over Quantity, that’s why our 50% of the budget is mostly used for latest equipment and camera gears, which help us to deliver the best available Quality within your reach. We have done more than 20+ destination wedding projects all over India and have been trusted by many for creating there perfect wedding story and been known as the best photographers in Andheri.

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Harendra Das
Harendra Das
Corporate Filmmaker & Wedding Photographer | Travel Blogger

A Wedding Photographer that you can trust, who has been working with renowned individuals from the Industry since the past 6 years for Wedding Photography & Filmmaker. The beauty of working with us is that we always strive to bring out the best in you and your day! I haven’t even come to the best part yet. In a world full of expensive photographers in Mumbai – we ensure to work around within your reach and budget because when you win, we win too!

Harendra Das don’t usually prefer a particular style as every client is unique to me, that’s why every single time I try creating something unique and outstanding visuals. Started my career at Mumbai in 2013, currently done with more than 100+ projects for wedding photography and cinematography, which gave me overwhelmed and happy clients all over Mumbai, Goa, Rajasthan, Kolkata and more over India. Also did many corporate projects as a corporate filmmaker and assistant director.

Rishi Tiwari
Candid Wedding Photographer | Cinematographer

Rishi Tiwari also know as TASVEERWALARISHI. I am a 24 year old freelance Candid Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer, currently based in Vasai, but have done most of the projects with photographers in Andheri, Mumbai. Having spent the past couple of years travelling around the India, experiencing and sharing my stories, I live and breathe what I shoot and want the viewers of my work to emotionally connect to this vision. I got the opportunity to capture some pretty sweet location. Adventure is an intrinsic part of my personalty, making travel and videography the perfect combination. His work is versatile, unique, emotive and incredibly engaging.

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Harender is best the best wedding photographer i found, i saw his work on Instagram, he had help me with best photographers before 3 days of my wedding.
Candid Wedding photography in andheri
Thanks for the baby photoshoot, you clicked the best photos ever, we even made a huge picture collage frame for our dinning hall.
baby photography
the best friendly neighborhood photographer i know, still enjoy watching my wedding album, your website is already rocking, love your work man!!!
best location for Pre-Wedding beach Shoot


Candid wedding Photographers are best at capturing those Sentimental and Emotional moments, Every Wedding need to have those fun and loving moments where they people aren’t facing towards the camera but getting the best photograph possible.

Every professional photographer in Mumbai is Best in their respective genres, as people who are doing photography in Full-time profession they always try to learn something new if they don’t someone else will and that could affect there profession, however photographers in andheri like we are always trying to create something new and outstanding from others.

Candid wedding photographers are the “007” of a wedding, just like James bond they are on run and gun to capture those candid moments, different angles which no one sees but still they are on the wedding album. They have to be nearby the Groom and Bride all the time, a single moment can ruin the sentimental shots for a wedding album.

Candid wedding photography isn’t as easy as traditional photography, there is more than just clicking a picture, candid photographers has to manage all the camera settings with each time they click a picture as they never use “CAMERA FLASH”, if you see a photographer using a flash on his camera then he isn’t doing candid wedding photography. Almost every candid photographer will refuse to use a flash, as these candid pictures needs to be as natural as possible. Similar to this we have the best photographers in andheri, mumbai to capture your wedding day from a true candid wedding photographers.

There are very few options when finding budget photographers in mumbai, as photographers with more experience will charge you more but give you less creativity, in other hand young photographers who are well experienced will charge you minimal but tries to give the creativity at its-most. We consider our self as the budget photographers in Mumbai, as we have been doing every shoot with a budget given by the client, we believe if you win, we win too!  

Corporate Film making isn’t just a process of videography, it’s not just about getting a camera and start recording, it deals with high quality recording, animation studio and visual graphics, illustration style and many more.We are ad Film makers in Mumbai, who have a deep knowledge in corporate filmmaking. As corporate film has to be perfect every single time, it might be presentable to the corporate stakeholders, any single mistake might cost you losing your corporate client. To find the best corporate filmmaker in mumbai or to ensure nothing goes wrong you can surely trust Harendra Das Photography | Filmmaker

Nowadays Pre wedding videos aren’t just about fancy poses and props, it has to filmed and directed properly in order to get the most out of it. It shouldn’t be just about shooting and editing, there has to be a strong story which should come up in good way and at the same time look visually good. We have the best Cinematographers and photographers in Andheri to help you out with every small details during or before the shoot preperrations.

Nowadays you’ll find many wedding photographers in Andheri, but to find the best out of best photographers for your special day, making it more happening and capturing more smiles through out your wedding day. But to find the right wedding filmmaker is a bit difficult, as a professional wedding filmmaker we charge the right price with the best quality and also the outstandingly creative visuals in your wedding video. Make your wedding videos stand out and hire Harendra Das Photography | Filmmaker